10 ways to use Manuk honey in medicine

Before the invention of antibiotics, honey has been used for many years as a means for infected wounds and a number of other diseases. Among the various types of this sweet substance, scientists have found that Manuk’s honey, obtained from a flower source in New Zealand, has unusual healing properties.

Unlike those days when honey was used as a natural medicine, medical workers now know that many diseases are due to the presence of infectious bacteria. Over the past few decades, people began to take a significant number of antibiotics. But bacteria have the ability to mutate and become resistant to elements that try to destroy them, for example, to antibiotics. As a result, doctors remain in search of a viable solution against an overwhelming number of infections with the participation of strains resistant antibiotics. Manuka has very powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. To date, there is not a single type of bacteria that have stability to it.

Manuke’s honey destroys bacteria in another way, different from how antibiotics do it. He removes water from bacteria and thereby deprives them of the opportunity to survive. As a result, the dressings containing this therapeutic drug were able to cure the life -threatening infections with the participation of difficult to kill bacteria.

Despite the fact that the use of Manuk’s honey in cooking is quite diverse, this product is no longer considered only as food. Laboratory studies have shown that even standard honey can have some antibacterial properties, but Manuk has the most powerful therapeutic effect .

10 reasons for the use of Manuk honey for medical purposes:

Does not have known side effects;

It has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti -inflammatory and antibacterial properties;

Creates a wet medium for healing, which allows new skin cells to grow at the same level with the surface of a healing wound, preventing skin deformation;

Restores damaged skin and promotes the growth of new skin cells, thereby accelerating the healing process;

Eliminates an unpleasant odor, destroying bacteria that cause it;

Can cure staphylococcal infection and destroy bacteria resistant to antibiotics;

The viscosity of honey provides a protective barrier to prevent wounds from infection;

Stimulates the growth of tissues involved in the healing process;

It has antifungal properties, which helps to cure lichen and other fungal diseases;

It is completely natural and organic product.

This sweet product has earned its recognition as a medical agent and perhaps it will soon become a valuable resource in the skin care industry. Read also about the use of Manuk honey in home cosmetics on the Laminarushka portal.