Developing classes with children using games

As you know, all children love to play, therefore, in order to teach something a baby, you need to deal with him, playing. At the same time, games can be very different. Even the most elementary rattle will teach a baby a lot.

The very first developing manual for preschoolers, perhaps, can be called children’s cubes. With their help, you can learn such concepts as color, shape, size of the subject, etc. D.. But do not underestimate the importance of high -quality children’s cartoons, which can also be considered one of the varieties of toys. You precisely noticed that your baby prefers specific cartoons and ignores others. The secret of this behavior lies in the specifics of the cartoon itself. For example, on you can find useful information for parents about why the kids are ready to review the same series of the popular cartoon “Masha and the Bear” over and over again.

For example, when studying letters, you can use a set of cubes with pictures, the names of which correspond to the letters of the alphabet. The child will be happy to consider bright pictures and build various figures from them.

Using the same cubes, a child can be taught to count. Only when playing, the baby will be happy to shift and count items, so any activity needs to be turned into a fun game. You can count the number of cars that went to the Garage, built of cubes, and the number of “bricks” (cubes), which were loaded into the truck.

The main thing is that the child likes the game. You should not make you not to discourage interest in classes. If the preschooler does not want to deal with it or he doesn’t get an invoice, it is better to transfer the game to another time, or come up with a “wizard” who “helps” he can cope with difficult tasks.