Review of the film “Rimbo. First blood”

This film tells about the war. About the war and what war is doing with the human psyche. About how people who returned from the war find themselves left to themselves only in order to slowly, but inevitably slide into the abyss of their own madness.

These people will never be, and I can’t live in a “normal” society. Because society will never be able to understand them, and they are no longer able to understand it.

The main character of the film John Rambo, he is one of those who are called the “dogs of war”. He is a soldier who all his life clearly and unconditionally fulfilled orders given to him. These orders cannot, and it was not necessary to discuss, and the level of their humanity was not important. Colonel Trautman in the film very well characterizes this system, recalling it with the words “We lived on the principle: doubt – that means, kill”. On the page ///