About the microwave we put up the word

The use of microwave furnaces is caused by the need to cook food at high speed. Such stoves warm up food with the help of microwaves that affect it, the analogues of which I use in mobile communications, radar, and television broadcasting. It is clear that many people think about whether the microwave is safe.

If you decide to purchase a microwave, by clicking on the link you will learn about how to make the right choice of such a device. However, before going to the store of household appliances for buying, you should think about some nuances.

Many scientists believe that food prepared or warmed up in such a furnace is harmful to human health. Supposedly, the molecular structure of the food itself is deformed, which causes negative consequences. However, there were no direct evidence of such statements, and therefore to say that the use of the microwave of the furnace does not make food harmful.

The manufacturers of microwaves themselves claim that the difference between food prepared with a microwave oven and food prepared in the usual way does not exist. In this case, the use of such a device has only advantages, for example, a high speed of cooking. The only drawback can be considered a high level of electricity consumption.

After buying a microwave of the furnace, you must adhere to the basic rules for its use, which you can find out about during the purchase. The microwave, which is not properly operated or has damage, can radiate harmful radiation, but such cases are quite rare. Despite this, you need to be careful both when buying a furnace and during its direct use.