The science

Activated carbon – as a means for weight loss

Not only the owners of excess weight, but also many nutritionists around the world are now interested in the popular folk method for weight loss with the help of activated coal. The interest of nutritionists is quite clear whether it is possible to recommend this natural and inexpensive remedy to its customers, will this cause harm to their health. Let’s study the mechanism of action of activated coal together, opening the instructions for its use. And it is used, as it turned out, to clean the stomach and intestines from toxins.

It also proven itself with various poisoning of the body associated with the gastrointestinal tract. But about the fact that he will help to adjust your figure and not be said to lose excess weight. Maybe we are dealing with innovation in this area? After all, many of us are overweight, is it really time to stock up with coal for a rainy day, until this idea came to the mind of the rest and the prices for acquiring this product are not so great?

Let’s figure out how activated carbon acts, getting into our body. It is not digested, it is natural and in itself is neutral to the human body. But its structure is such that even a molecule can “get confused” in it, and, having passed along the digestive tract, it will collect everything that comes across in his way, at the molecular level. The perfect filter has long been used in the food industry, for example, to purify water. It turns out that it will not directly affect fat deposits in any way, no matter how much you eat it.

But one positive effect for weight loss in its use is still. Each of us has several extra pounds, in the form of toxins and food residues, which can be removed in this way. Moreover, ceasing to poison the body with toxins, you increase your quality of life, and if you consolidate this result with sports exercises and a competently selected diet, you can really lose weight.

It remains to observe several simple rules so as not to harm your body. Start reception from three tablets per day, on a tablet in 30-40 minutes before meals. Gradually, you will receive a reception to a maximum dose, which is not recommended. This is approximately one tablet per ten kilogram of your weight. Coal duration – no more than ten days. Then you need to take a break of days for seven and repeat the reception. Now you know how to lose weight with activated coal. Good luck!