Actual haircuts of female fashion in 2013

In this year, the fashion for women’s haircuts has become diverse. Now there are no specific recommendations for long hair. So any woman will be able to choose what is now fashionable and what she likes.

Short haircuts.

At all times, female haircuts short hair were more careful and practical than long haircuts. Such haircuts more naturally reflect all femininity, also rejuvenate women, and a little playfulness and enthusiasm appears in the image of a woman. Now, in principle, the square has remained in fashion, but already slightly modified. That is, a square with a smoothly laid or laid to shine hair, a little longer or with small curls. So such a haircut at all times and for any type and age of a woman will remain fashionable and elegant, and also perfectly complement your already unique image.

Another current haircut of our time with short hair called “Bob”. The so -called “under the boy” is also popular with haircuts. The haircuts of the 80s also come into fashion in 2013, but only with small changes.

Long haircuts are now also relevant.

In such haircuts, the most important quality is-easily-unnatural negligence. It turns out that all your hair should fall very easily on your shoulders and naturally develop when you walk. But for this effect, special care is needed. Also, all fashionable haircuts still depend on the bangs. The most popular haircut of this section is a cascade. But its implementation seems to women in a large set of options. And for women who like to experiment, such haircuts as classic with direct gaps are suitable. A bunch or braided braids look good just as good.

So that experiment, create, create and be always beautiful and young!