Adjika home sauce recipe

Ajika is an ideal meat sauce, but the spectrum of use is not limited to meat dishes. Adjika soups and vegetable dishes are quite harmonious. It is easy to cook the sauce and is not difficult for people with minimal culinary skills.

Adjika can be considered universal sauce. It is enough to cook it delicious and serve in a beautiful sauce to any dish of meat, vegetable or fish. If you do not have a suitable saucer, you can always buy dishes for the kitchen on the Internet. Remember that the dish should be not only tasty, but also beautiful and beautifully served. At first we eat our eyes, and only then we taste.

In order to make adjika, take sharp peppers in an amount of about half a kilogram. It is only necessary to clean the stalks, but it is not necessary to clean from seeds and pulp (although if you want to get a softer sauce, you should prefer the recipe only with pieces of peppers, without seeds that give the greatest burning) and the rest of the ingredients, which are garlic and walnuts nuts, peel. Take these components in the proportion of 5 // 1, where five parts of peppers.

Regarding additional components, such as coriander, diverse greens and salt there are different opinions. There are many Adjika recipes, and you can choose something to your taste. The most common option is the use of finely cut parsley, which is added to pepper peppers chopped in a meat grinder and garlic with nuts.

Thus, in order to prepare the sauce, you need to grind peppers in a meatstone. Then grind slightly fried and cleaned walnuts, garlic and coriander, mix the ingredients and grind again in a meat grinder. Then you need to add chopped parsley and salt and leave the sauce for 2-4 days, then lay out by storage tanks.