Advantages of a taxi as a type of urban transport

The transport system of many modern cities includes various types of transport. Buses and minibuses, subway and trams, some cities even have water transport transporters transporting passengers.

Each of the above types of transport has its disadvantages and advantages. For example, buses and minibuses have a low fare, but they are most loaded and getting into the salon, it can be very difficult.

Fortunately, for such situations there is a simple solution. Taxi! Yes, it is a common taxi, because there are taxios in any large city. A taxi has a number of advantages that give him leadership over other types of public transport.

Firstly, taxi drive is much more comfortable than in full people by the bus. The spacious interior of the car gives a sense of freedom, unlike minibuses, which more reminiscent of a jar with sprats.

Secondly, in the taxi cabin you do not steam your wallet or phone. Drivers are busy, but there are no persistent passengers.

It is also worth noting that among the taxi there are very few those who got in the accident. At the fleets, the service engaged in the transportation of passengers is in force strict control over the service of car maintenance and for the state of the taxi drivers themselves. Drivers, as a rule, undergo a medical examination, as well as a daily check before the administration of the taxi park for physical condition. Taxi drivers who arrived at the test in a state of alcohol or other intoxication are not allowed to work.

In addition, a taxi will take you to absolutely anywhere, while buses and other public transport drive only along a specific route.

Based on all of the foregoing, we can conclude that a taxi is an ideal transport for moving through large cities.