Advantages of stretch ceilings

Relevant in the design of the premises, are stretch ceilings. It is this type of ceiling that is widely used in the arrangement of apartments.

Compared to other ceilings, stretch ceilings have a number of advantages.

1. Using this version of the ceiling, you can develop any type of structure, starting with a flat and ending with an intricate shape.

2. It does not require special care. It is enough to wipe the surface 1 time a year with a dry rag. The stretch ceiling does not crumble.

3. In the case of leakage from neighbors from above, the stretch ceiling retains water, is able to maintain a certain amount of liquid. After dismantling, the water can be drained and constructed by a new ceiling. That is, it protects the room from flooding.

4. The ceiling can be mounted in a renovated room, with arranged furniture. If you decide to change the ceiling, then this can be done at any time.

5. The duration of the installation of a stretch ceiling is 7 hours, which is very convenient when repairing.

6. This material has a huge selection of colors. Ceilings have about 160 shades. This allows you to choose the color for any interior of the room.

7. If there is a shrinkage of the house, due to the properties, the ceiling is not subject to cracking.

8. The stretch ceiling hides unevenness of the main surface, without the use of additional materials. In this case, you can immediately get the desired color.

9. By installing a stretch ceiling, you can save a family budget, since this ceiling option is available according to price criteria.

10. When mounting on a stretch ceiling of lighting devices, the surface looks delightful.

Given the above information, it is possible to emphasize with confidence the dignity of the stretch ceiling is undeniable. It is this type that will help to realize the fantasies of designers and choose the option that will suit you.