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Alena Choptenko – I was lucky with my beloved husband

Beautiful, smart, independent and talented! Alena Choptenko dances for many men, but loves one …

It’s good that we have so many friends who wish us only happiness, and therefore the advice on the order and decoration of wedding machines, the celebration, our unforgettable day, we had very different and quite a few were good.

Alena, you are probably madly in love with dancing?

I did not fall in love with dancing immediately. My mother took me by the hand. Of course, she also wanted to dance, but it did not work, so her daughter became the embodiment of all unfulfilled desires. I at the same time began to go to school, to English courses and dancing. Very indignant! I thought that all normal children were taken to one school, and I was immediately three. It was very difficult. I wanted to play with the children on the street, but there was not enough time for this because of the triple load … Then I got used to it and fell in love with dancing forever. When you understand that you want to connect life and career with this sports? I never had a desire to seriously connect my life with dancing. From 10 years old I already understood that the profession of a dancer is not long -term. Therefore, I decided to enter the Economic University. I’m studying in my fifth year now. The first year has successfully unlearned. At the beginning of the second year, a wonderful project “Dancing with the Stars” appeared, which I managed to get into it quite by accident. I realized that the chance that my life has given me should be used and switched all my efforts to dancing. You said that you got on the project by chance? Yes, I was 18 years old. Producers specially arrived at the Ukrainian tournament to select dancers for the project, who are over 21 years old.

One of them remained and saw how my age category is dancing. I immediately noted that I am emotional and bright. Producers found my coach and invited me to “try”. I was very skeptical about

This proposal. And yet, from the exam in computer science, I ran to casting. Everything turned out to be much more serious. Of course, the producers of the show were afraid to take such a young dancer, but took a chance! No one expected that in the end our couple would win. Partners dancing in pairs, it happens, fall in love with each other. And you? My life principle is never falling in love with a partner. I think personal relationships interfere with working. You need to properly set priorities. However, it is thanks to your work that you met your soul mate?

Yes, I met Igor Podipaiko at the birthday of Max Nelipa, who was my partner on the Dancing with Stars project. Igor and I really liked each other at once. Now we celebrate every 15th number as “Plus a month of our relationship”. October 15 is two years old. Planning a wedding? I don’t think about it. I am 21 years old . I am fixed at my work. We don’t talk about it with Igor at all.

And you plan to live together before the wedding?

Igor is now building a house, while there is only one living room in it. He is right there at a construction site, and lives. Naturally, I often stay with him, but we still do not have to live together. We work a lot, so sometimes staying each other – this is enough for now. What do you like best in Igor?

I was lucky with my beloved man. There is a highlight in it! But most importantly, this person does not allow himself to reproach and be jealous of me about and without. I admire his patience, respect for me and my work. Unlike many guys, he appreciates dancing and is proud that his girlfriend is dancing in front of other men and he likes.

You could forgive your beloved person betrayal?

If I love a person, I can forgive him everything. Physical treason, of course, is not a very pleasant moment, but this is a physiological need. It seems to me that moral betrayal is more terrible. I am generally a wasteful person and always think more with my mind than my heart. Your relationship with Igor can be called romantic?

At his first acquaintance, Igor played me blues on the piano, and a year later he sang a song under the same melody. Real romance! We constantly arrange some surprises to each other. For example, I gave him a trip to Zorbing. He is a master of sports on skiing, from childhood he loves extreme. Unfortunately, I don’t really like extreme, because since childhood I got used to protect my legs. In the future they are ready to devote themselves to the family? I want to learn how to correctly combine career and raising children. A great example is my mother who works as a chief neuropathologist in one of the Kyiv hospitals, but this did not stop her from devoting her whole life for raising children. I believe that you need to give birth to the first child under 25 years old, when the body is able to quickly recover. I think it is by this age that I will ripen to become a mother. But while I try not to make plans for the future. Now I am making maximum efforts so that the harmony that I Igor and I have in a relationship/continues endlessly.