Alfons or how not to choose a dependent for himself

Wealthy women, like wealthy men, have problems with choosing a life partner. Hunters for a beautiful life so softly mock that a gullible woman does not even suspect that her boyfriend loves not her, but the capital acquired by overwhelming labor. How to understand that next to you is a dependent?

Where to meet?

If you think that, getting acquainted in expensive restaurants, you will protect yourself from a meeting with Alfons – you are deeply mistaken. It is there that the risk of meeting “not that man” appears “. Alphonse, as a rule, has eyes scheduled and he unmistakably distinguishes a wealthy single woman from the crowd and masterfully lets dust in the eyes. Therefore, it is better to get acquainted with potential grooms through friends and friends. Look for a narrowed business in a business environment, at conferences and among suppliers or customers.

How to check Alfons?

If you still happened to meet with a man who immediately went “on the attack”, try to conduct an experiment. Tell me that you are not local and you have work in Vyazma, and here you are on the business of the company and went into this restaurant to spend your business travelers. And expensive clothes and jewelry are taken from a friend to impress Moscow men. As a rule, after such a “truth”, Alphonse will immediately lose interest in you and find an excuse so that to leave as soon as possible.

The boy is not for love.

If you are consciously ready to pay for love (or for passion), periodically meeting with the boy for whom you will become a sponsor, this is another matter. A beautiful young male body has always been in price and now you can set this price yourself. It is only worth remembering that this is a young body, sooner or later, you will have to change, since toys, even so expensive and beautiful, get bored.

But the most sure way not to run into Alfons is to be vigilant and not lose your head at the sight of a pumped up body and hearing affectionate compliments. You are worthy that a real man is next to you!