Aromatherapy and essential oils

Aromatherapy is one of the types of non -traditional medicine that came to us from ancient times and is widely used in the modern world.

Aromatherapy sessions are carried out using various essential oils that have a beneficial effect on the human body. There are a great many types of such oils, each of which has its own beneficial properties. Essential oils that have been quite common recently have a very wide range of beneficial actions: from beneficial effects on the skin to helping in the treatment of diseases.

There are several ways to use essential oils: internal, external (massages, baths, compresses), spraying in the air (inhalation, aroma lamps, sprays). But do not forget that essential oils have contraindications. Synthetic oils and oils with synthetic additives cannot be used for treatment (such oils, as a rule, can be used directly only to obtain the aroma), do not use low -quality oils purchased in an unverified place, it is also worth avoiding the use of essential oils in asthma.

One of the most popular procedures using oils is massage. Such massage relaxes the muscle system and improves the condition of the skin. Oils also have the ability to benefitly affect the nervous system, reducing anxiety, improving the mood and increasing life tone.

At home, a very pleasant and useful procedure will be the adoption of baths using essential oils. You need to add a few spoons of sea salt or honey and a little essential oil to a glass of milk, then pour this liquid into the bath, just do not make water too hot.

Knowledge about the beneficial properties of essential oils came to us from antiquity. More than two millennia ago, the Romans contributed to the development of aromatherapy, adding massage with the use of essential oils to the rituals existing at that time in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece using incense. But the name “aromatherapy” itself appeared in much later times.

Correctly selected oils will help to achieve the desired result, whether it be a cosmetic effect or help in the treatment of diseases.