Art Deco, the style of your taste

This luxurious style calls the owner to own good taste and considerable means. After all, items of furniture and interior hint at elitism and unity in their kind. This is not the furniture that is sold to the masses.

So, if the room should have its own style and unique character, then art deco for you. This style takes all the best of the rest of the directions (modern, high text), but always everything is only expensive and elegant. It will be very relevant for exquisite white cabinets that can be purchased at SSIA. and other status and expensive furniture. The white cabinet can become a real highlight of the art deco style and be an accent around which the rest of the design will be built.

Wooden floor, preferably parquet. High ceilings on which there may be a painting or stucco molding, the presence of a large and non -standard chandelier. Everything that could seem pathos for other interiors, for art deco-it is. The more sophistication and non-triviality, luxury and chic, the more you will come close to the real art deco and its reverse theme completely.

The walls can be neutral so as not to take attention to themselves, a drawing of a geometric nature is allowed. But the curtains are best made with a bright accent and allocate them with massiveness and a chic intricate finish. It is better to order curtains to order specifically for your interior and starting from the main colors of the room.

Uap furniture can be simple in shape, but rich and expensive in drapery. The presence of a large number of decorative pillows is welcome. Exotic figures or sculptures brought from Africa or India will give the completeness of the decor. The ivory and snake skin are still considered expensive materials, and their presence in the interior will only add a feature to it.