The science

Atelier for sewing and repairing clothes

In the world where the ghostly faces of individuality are erased, where people use smartphones that have come down from one conveyor, and dress in the outfits of the same fashion gurus, so I want to save their “I”.

We cannot stay towards this disgrace and invite you to the repair atelier and sewing clothes. Strive comfortably, treat yourself to a cup of fragrant coffee, and in the meantime we will tell you the concept of our work.

Presentation atelier

Nothing is eternal. And fashion trends of last season will cause only a share of bewilderment in the next. Agree that it is not always possible to adapt to the capricious and places of arrogant mistress. A woman with an average monthly earnings cannot afford a new dress from Rodarte. The masters of our studio give the opportunity to look stylish, without leaving fabulous amounts in a fashionable boutique.

Creation of fashion collections – the lot of masters. Yes, we admit that we cannot create exactly the same red dress from Christopher Kane. But the desperate love of our employees for their work, knowledge and orientation in the fashion world is the key to your perfect outfit and good mood!

Clothing repair

What do you do with a battered, but beloved thing? For example, with an outfit in which a daughter was baptized or with her happy dress? Regret to refer to the landfill? And here in vain. After all, the hands of our masters are able to “reanimate” even the most hopeless thing! And even a retro -style polka dot dress, getting from a mother, as if by a wave of a magic wand, will turn into a pretty outfit. And we assure you that the modernized dress will not ingloriously lie in your closet.

Why should we contact us?

Owls of the needles of our salon are professionals in their field. For them there are no unfulfilled tasks!

Free pleasant bonus is a polite attitude to its customers. We know how to listen and clearly do our work!

You can order sewing any female and men’s clothing from us. We also specialize in creating outfits for children (from miniature costumes for infants to school uniform for high school students).

Giving our hands a thing for repair – you may not be afraid. Even an expensive thing from an eminent brand, we will quickly put in order.

The masters of the tailor work only with modern professional sewing equipment. Accessories and threads used in the process of sewing and repair, as well as the highest quality!

We decided to visit our studio for sewing and repairing clothes? Welcome to the world of professionalism and quality service!