Atmosphere of fun or how to organize a wedding banquet correctly

Organizing a wedding banquet, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money on it. Especially if for the sake of this you will have to borrow one or another.

Unfortunately, people very often get on the influence of the remnants of the merchant ideal: if you walk the wedding, then so that alcohol poured with a river, and there are several days, and that there are more guests – from all over the world … Although everyone knows from their own experience: it is not a matter of costs! It can be very solemn and fun at a modest wedding in a student dormitory. And it can be boring and dreary on a magnificent and large banquet in the hall of a chic restaurant. There is no direct connection between the true fun and the “rich” table or even a special invited musical ensemble. The attractiveness of the holidays, especially such as wedding banquets in St. Petersburg, consists in another – in the elusive atmosphere of sincerity, affection, purity ..

It will be very appropriate to recall the behavior of young at their own wedding. It has long been opened: young, especially the bride, must behave modestly and restrained. When dances begin, the groom invites the bride to the first waltz. Throughout the evening he is next to her, attentive, gentle, caring.

Regarding the invited wedding, such an extreme happens when parents invite their relatives and friends to the wedding. who are not even familiar to the young. Obviously, the priority right to invite guests to the wedding should belong to the groom with the bride.

“Heroes of the event” meet their guests at the entrance, warmly greeting each. Parents are invited to the table. How best to plant guests? Of course, the central place at the table is occupied by young people, parents, close relatives and the most honorable guests sit next to the table. The rest of the invited are seated at their own discretion, to whom it is convenient.

It is very good if the toamada is led at the wedding evening – a cheerful, witty, cultural person. Tamada provides a word to those who want to utter a toast, offers entertainment and, in general, imperceptibly and tactfully “conducting” the wedding.

In order not to get off your feet and get nervous at the last minute, you need to think over all big and small problems in advance that you can face you on your wedding day. If everything is foreseen in advance, then, of course, the wedding will become the happiest and unforgettable day in your life, and you will take a memory of it on a wonderful journey of life together