Autumn Coquette – Fashionable Tips

In the mornings, the city is shrouded in a foggy haze, the fallen foliage rustles under the feet … Fashionistas update the wardrobe, saying goodbye to the next summer with bright tops and favorite mini-skirts. They were replaced by warm, cozy, but from this no less elegant things from Alpaki, Velvet, Twid.

Be sure to purchase wide tweed trousers with sharp, as if “sharpened”, arrows and a wide skirt in a fold. It’s good if they are in a fashionable cage this season. Moreover, there can be any coloring – from muffled gray -white classics to perky Scottish. After all, in the season of fogs and rains, I especially want to dilute everyday life

bright colors!

Wear things with a thin woolen turtleneck, which can be additionally decorated with large beads today. However, the acquisition of updates is not all. Noble fabrics require careful care. General rules for all woolen things:.You need to wash them manually using special tools the best washing machine of 2012. But if washing was needed urgently and there are no at hand, take … your shampoo. The result will be no worse. After washing, in no case unscrew your sweater or trousers, just let the water drain, and then put it on a terry sheet. As for ironing, each fabric has its own secrets.

So, it is necessary to iron the twid only in a delicate mode with wet. Wool loves steaming. The problem is that in a delicate mode, a regular iron gives a few steam. The new Uopr Iron from VGUAP will help to solve it due to its unique nozzle of those RGOES, which allows you to steal the most delicate fabric without fear of ruining it. And the vertical and horizontal supply of steam and a powerful steam blow facilitate and accelerate the ironing process, which is important when, for example, you are late for the office or to the party. On a cold autumn day, a thin and warm sweater made of alpaki will warmly and cheer up and cheer up.

The long “tunics” of blue, purple and purple flowers with a variety of applications and rhinestones are especially fashionable. Put them with narrow straight jeans. Alpaca things require special care due to the subtlety of threads. Therefore, they must be stroked with a delicate mode with a small volume of steam. The new iron, the sole of which is polished by sapphire powder, easily cope with this difficult task, without damaging the rhinestones and other jewelry. You can not worry that the sole is scratched. For publication, fashionable designers offer to dilute woolen outfits with elegant interspersed of silk and satin. Decorated with ruffles, lace or wax flowing and flickering in the evening lighting of a blouse from them will turn into an exquisite evening outfit even the most stringent business suit.