Autumn trends 2015: Fashion jewelry from Russian designers

So the golden autumn time is approaching – a fabulous and multi -colored season. And now is the time for a woman to decide on her image, outfits and accessories. In addition, how to lose weight, and which dress to wear – you need to decide how to make your appearance even more attractive due to jewelry. We are talking about accessories that to wear in the fall is a pleasure, especially if these are Pandora bracelets.

What jewelry will be the autumn 2015 trend?

Since the style of clothing largely determines the style of accessories, to highlight the trends that will be win -win, only the woman herself can. To do this, you should turn to the opinions of stylists who are almost unanimously advocated for the freedom of choice.

Today you should pay special attention to the style of hippies and the ethnic style, which are best embodied in jewelry on hand. A striking example is “different -caliber” accessories, as well as a bracelet Pandora – it will look amazing under the rays of the “muffled” sun.

It is worth noting that in the upcoming season the following accessories will be in price:

Pandora bracelet.


Massive necklaces.


The same bracelets.

Massive earrings.

Rings connected to the chain.

Russian masters draw the attention of girls to earrings with multi -colored stones

This year, quite fashionable are earrings with bright stones, and even better, they ate different – this will add the style of individuality and originality. Asymmetric earrings of the original design are also especially popular, in addition to which it will be very appropriate to buy a pandora bracelet.

Autumn is a mysterious, quiet and very beautiful time of the year, and now it’s worth taking care of which coat, dress to buy, and also which accessories to supplement your image.