Autumn-winter 2014. What shoes to buy

In the cold season, the legs should not freeze. This is confirmed by numerous collections of autumn shoes of 2014. Actual high boots will help protect your legs from cold and autumn damp.

Despite the fact that in men everything is quite predictable and classic shoes will be in fashion again, women will have to try, choosing from the abundance of relevant fashion shoes of this season. If you want to put your man in high -quality shoes, go to the Menfashion specialized online store, where there are always only the best, fashionable seasonal furniture at your service.

Many girls, picking up shoes for the cold season, first pay attention to her model, and only then to the functionality and the presence of a warm lining. This season you can abandon such an algorithm, since the fashion designers made shoes at the same time stylish and functional. Thick stable heels are in fashion, pointed or rounded socks.

Classic black and brown shoes, as always in fashion. But burgundy, blue, green and beige shades this season is not inferior to classics in popularity in the collections of fashion designers. A variety of drawings and fur are still in trend. The fur can be all the colors of the rainbow.

Italian fashion designers presented a collection of very unusual ankle boots, decorated with bright sequins, multi -colored stones and prints. A feature of this collection can be called the complete absence of heels in shoes. These battalions are suitable for both a social event, and for a everyday campaign shopping.

In the collections of other famous European fashion houses there are sharp socks in combination with lacing and low heels. Such models will look attractive with office suits or dresses.

Choose only fashionable shoes and wear it with pleasure.