Ballet pack – aesthetic outfit of the ballerina

Enchanting music and charming dance – together it is ballet. The incredible beauty of costumes fascinates the gaze of every viewer.

It has long been a fashionistas and designers of the latest new products, such things as a ballet pack, ballet shoes and other parts of the clothes of dancers are borrowed. The main accessory is a tough ballet skirt that is used by a dancer during the performance. The forms and stylistic varieties of models changed – long and magnificent, over time changed, to wide and thin. A skirt decorated with feathers and stones looks very beautiful.

A costume of a ballet dancer, as an object of admiration for the auditorium

Speaking of the international language of ballet participants, the pack is also called tutu. This magnificent and air creation from Fatin seems so only looking at it from the side of the auditorium. In fact, this is a rather strong and tough invention of the ballerina costume. It has longitudinal steel bones and a durable thin Kulisk Reuse that pulls off the bodice from above.

Despite the presence of hooks, before the dancer goes to the stage, the costumer necessarily sews the ballet pack with strong threads. The presence of lightning on the stage can be risky, since it can burst at the most inopportune moment. Often, a ballet suit is sewn up several times in a row.

Fatin is one of the main components of a ballet costume

Aesthetic appearance of the skirt, the air tulle decorates very much. The lush frills of ballet decoration are fastened with a thin rim of a flexible steel wire. The standard of such a model was, brought in 1957 by Maya Plisetskaya from England, the first copy of such stage clothes on steel. Thanks to this design, the ballet pack for a long time can maintain an invariably horizontal position. And the delicate and air tulle, is undeniably a great alternative to Tarlatan and soft muslim. Of great importance in the stage costume of the ballerina is the presence under the lower layer of tulle of tiny frills.

This air trifle, for almost two centuries, won the right to exist. Historically, the virtuoso ballerinas tried in every possible way to bypass the ban established by the society to dance without Pantalon, who very shy their movements. Thus, ballet dancers, stubbornly shortening the wardrobe that has shy of them, created short, almost invisible in the total mass of lace leash on the remains of pants. Thanks to this accessory, the dance poses of the Attitude or Arabesque ballet dancers look finished, original and quite aesthetic.