Basic rules of breastfeeding

You are a young mommy and you don’t have an experience in feeding your baby. All your knowledge in this area is based on the advice of grandmothers and friends. However, you are worried about the correctness of your actions, as you wish for your little miracle only the best. Then this article is for you!

Let us give specific tips on this topic:

Breastfeeding frequency

Doctors believe that the optimal frequency of feeding babies up to 6 months is from 8 to 12 times per day. At the same time, they strongly recommend that you adhere to your own sense of intuition, no one knows better than you. The duration of feeding is from 10 to 40 minutes, you also need to approach this individually.

Whether a child for feeding

This is necessary only during the first few weeks after birth (every 3 hours), then no need.

Whether to feed the baby if he woke up earlier

Of course, it is worth feeding the child, taking a pillow for feeding the child, especially if he woke up and began to suck a finger. A small child is crying in the case when he needs contact with his mother, even if 2 hours did not pass yet. When you make sure that the baby is developing correctly, you can trust him and yourself, feed only at the request of the baby.

The duration of feeding

The most important thing in this matter is to watch the baby. He himself will let you know that he had eaten: either he will throw his chest and turn away, or, without taking out his chest from his mouth, will stop actively sucking. Duration depends on the quality of milk, the more and fatter the milk, the faster the baby is eaten. Still, the baby should eat from 10 to 40 minutes, no longer needs.

Signs of hunger in a child

Naturally, if the baby begins to suck a finger (for child psychology is an imitation of breast sucking), he clearly makes it clear to his mommy that he wants to eat. When the baby cries, this is the last how he can attract attention. It is better not to bring to this, since first you will have to spend strength and nerves in order to calm the child and only after that start eating.

Signs of enough milk

Here it is necessary to monitor the development and behavior of the baby. Monitor the growth and weight of the baby, if it grows in accordance with the norm at this age, then there are no reasons for concern. In general, a pediatrician will always help you in this matter. And, of course, diapers and diapers are direct evidence of this. The baby should walk “by and large” at least 5-6 times a day to 6-8 weeks.