Bioreviteration and bio -reinforcing – methods of confrontation of skin aging

Bioreviteration and bio -reinforcing – two innovative methods aimed at counteracting the aging of the skin.

Bioreviteration and bio -reinforcing – two innovative methods aimed at counteracting the aging of the skin. They are based on the use of drugs produced from hyaluronic acid that patients are introduced into the subcutaneous layers.

These methods prevent or significantly slow down the aging of cells, and the skin returns its former elasticity and excellent elasticity. Thanks to the use of hyaluronic acid preparations, a kind of internal skin frame is created, which helps to preserve natural qualities for a long period, and signs of skin aging are practically not demonstrated. Mesonity in St. Petersburg work miracles.

Bioreviteration and bio -reinforcing allow the skin to make the skin younger, the skin itself becomes beautiful and quite fresh. But each of these methods is characterized by the use of various drugs made on a common basis, but at the same time, their effectiveness and their texture are significantly different. Therefore, when ordering an effective cosmetological procedure, you must clearly understand what you choose – biorevitation or bio -acualization, while at the time of choosing the method suitable for you, be sure to take into account the manifestation of signs of aging that are characteristic of your skin. Mesonity for the face will make you perfect!

If small wrinkles on your face are just starting to appear now, it is better to order biorevitalization – a procedure in which organic fillers soft in consistency are used. Soft aggregates made of hyaluronic acid will support your skin as much as possible, perform such a useful content of moisture for it, and in the future they will stimulate the activation of good metabolic processes on your own skin. Remember that biorevitation does not contribute to the excellent maintenance of the skin shape, and deep wrinkles will remain on your face, this technique will only help increase the elasticity of the skin and reduce the folds that occur on it.

With deep wrinkles, it is recommended to use bio -reinforcing, performed on the basis of dense aggregates that can most effectively fill even rather deep wrinkles. This technique is considered by modern cosmetologists as the best way of non -surgical facelift of the face, while you can not only improve the elasticity of the skin, but also significantly change the contours of the face, and the rejuvenation of the skin visually looks quite deep.

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