Brief information for the correct selection of the epilator

The popularity of compact mini tidies is increasing every day. Some throws into the word “epilator”, some, on the contrary, get pleasure from its light pinchings.

If you belong to those people who are afraid to use the epilator, then it is best to contact specialists who have at their disposal all the necessary equipment for painless hair removal. For example, today you can use the laser hair removal service deep bikini and at the same time not to experience pain. A similar procedure can be passed in numerous beauty salons, for example, the most acceptable prices are presented here.

Having such a machine at home, many simply forget about the cosmetic room. In addition, everything is thought out in new models to reduce the pain to a minimum. Many are wondering what the advantage of the epilator is?

With frequent use of the hairpin, hair growth slows down, and again growing hair becomes thin and bright. Skin irritation after hair removal is not significant, as after applying other hair removal methods. Compared to the razor, the legs remain smooth up to four weeks, and compared to wax pain less acute.

Here are all the necessary minimum characteristics that the epilator should have: the minimum number of rotating pintes discs is at least 15, at least one epilation rate, power from the network, one epilation head. But it is worth remembering that it doesn’t mean better. Moreover, on more primitive epilators, an anesthesia system is not so effective.

The most common types of anesthesia are cooling and massage. Cooling is a simple ice nozzle, which is most often stored in the refrigerator, quietly waiting for its fate. A special gel mitten is still found. Cold acts as local anesthesia, reducing pain sensitivity. Massage is when massage balls or wheels are built into the epilator, or everything is limited to a massage nozzle, which tones and stretch the skin, pre -preparing it for hair removal. Well, you can choose the most suitable epilation method for you only in practice.