Caesarean section or natural birth?

Natural births are considered when the child passes along the birth canal with the least intervention of doctors. There are no contraindications for natural births: if the pregnancy passes perfectly, without any complications and disorders in the development of the fetus, and the mother is healthy.

The duration of childbirth on average is from 9 to 11 hours. If you need to see the condition of the fetus and how the uterus is reduced, then monitor control is carried out. In some cases, anesthesia is required, which is carried out in the form of inhalations, using intravenous and intramuscular drugs. After giving birth, the baby is examined and applied to the mother’s chest. Further, the doctor examines the birth canal, and a woman for two hours is in the maternity room under the supervision of a doctor. Then the mother and the child are transferred to the ward after childbirth.

Currently, many women are afraid of natural birth and ask them to be made a cesarean section. But such surgical intervention is carried out only for medical reasons, and the case if ordinary birth is impossible or represent a huge risk to the health of a woman and child.

A child who was born naturally, stronger and healthier than a child who appeared as a result of cesarean section. Because, overcoming difficulties in passing the birth canal, the baby’s body is tempered and slowly adapts to the environment. And the baby, who was born with the help of cesarean section, simply did not have time to work hard, and his immunity is a little weakened. Along with this, a woman needs care and peace after surgery and she cannot breastfeed a child and be with him. It turns out that in the early days of his life, the baby remains alone, and feed him with artificial mixtures, instead of mother’s milk. And this does not benefit him. Of course, the most correct choice is the birth naturally.