Cardharying: How to make television more accessible?

Carding makes it possible to view foreign channels at a low price. The word itself is a derivative of “Card” – a card and “share”, which means general access in English. Thus, viewing different satellite receivers, today, thanks to cardhering, is possible. You get unlimited access to the map, which opens access to the right folders, passwords, Internet and local networks.

How in practice the cardhating acts?

Imagine that your family has three TVs with different receivers, but everyone wants to watch their satellite channel. On one there is an important match, on the other your child wants to watch cartoons, and wife “Dom-2”. Subscription to the package of channels costs an average of 300 rubles. In order to arrange it on three TVs, you need to pay 900 rubles every month. A decent amount comes out a year, is it not true?

In order not to overpay and cardsharying was invented, including HD Channel Cardening. In simple words, the American card is “shaken”, opening access to the password and logic at once for several services. Thus, you will pay 300 rubles not for one service, but for three. The only condition is the presence of the Internet and Wi-Fi network. On a computer that opens overall access, it is necessary to install special software. In order for other services (on which you will view) are focused on where to make a package, it is necessary that the computer has a constant name on the network and IP addresses.

What can serve as a crane?

Personal computer with a special operating system;

Computer DVB payment;


Krandscaring requires a certain setup and supports almost any satellite service. The other side of the coin is whether this technology is legal? In many countries it is prohibited. There are enough reasons, starting with the fact that the crand is acted on the basis of password selection. However, it can be useful in cases where in your country there is no way to view your favorite European channels.

How to purchase a crane?

The first thing to do is to buy access to the kernel;

After you get it, an IP address, as well as a personal login and password are attached to your server;

In order to view three cable resources at once, you need to install the appropriate settings and install software.