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Casl is your fashionable choice

Over the past 20 years, the fashion world has turned over. People began to devote more time and attention to themselves, many new and interesting styles in clothes appeared. Each of us selects something suitable for the type of figure, preferences and means.

But in the twentieth century, a truly universal style appeared in Europe, which does not require special money, is suitable for absolutely everyone and at the same time allows you to highlight their personality. This is casual (from English “Casl”). To create this image, you can always find things in online stores such as MIX7., where the most fashionable and relevant things are realized at wholesale prices. Without exaggeration, we can say that mix7. Ideal for everyone, which is ready to save on the purchase of the most fashionable things.

This style was born in Scotland, in a small town of Aberdin. Fans of one of the football clubs decided to stand out from the total mass. And instead of gluing the inscriptions and emblems of their favorite team on the clothes, they began to wear things of certain brands. Fans boldly combined inconsistent. So Casual appeared.

The youth around the world Rado supported the creation of a new style, and after a couple of years it became a cult. Girls and guys mixed trousers and t -shirts, jeans and office shirts just because it was so convenient.

The main thing in the casual is not to be equal to others, to wear convenient and suitable things, do not chase fashionable news, but simply use them as a base. Remember that you are an individual and worthy of dressing individual.

Accessories should be useful, and the bags are spacious. The plus of this style is that you yourself can be a designer and experiment with a combination of things. Casual also has no age restrictions and if you are 16 or 40 years old – all the same, your clothes will look advantageous.