Children’s blanket selection criteria

Sleep is very important for the health and harmonious development of the child. Therefore, it is necessary to take care that it is calm and comfortable. To do this, you should choose the right bedding, including the blanket.

When choosing a children’s blanket, pay attention to the size. For a small child, it must correspond to the size of the crib. But as it grows, you need to purchase more blankets.

The blanket must match the season. In the summer you can use a light plaid or terry sheet. In winter, you will need a warmer product. Therefore, it is worthwhile to figure out what materials it can be made.

A wonderful option – woolen blankets. They are produced from sheep, camel and goat wool. They are very warm. Do not require special care. Washing at home is suitable. Dry quickly. A camel blanket can be prickly, but it is enough to put on a high -quality duvetail, and this drawback will be eliminated. But it is better to choose products from another material with allergies.

You can choose a down blanket. It is very light, which gives a certain comfort when using it. So that it does not dive, it is worth drying and ventilated more often.

Cotton blankets quite heavy. Therefore, it is better not to cover small children with them.

Synthetic filler blankets. They are not expensive. Machine washing will remove pollution and will not cause product deformation. Dry quickly. Suitable for children prone to allergies. The only drawback is poorly missing moisture. When buying, note that the cover is only made of natural fabrics.

When purchasing a blanket, study the information on the label, who is the manufacturer, the care rules, from which material a cover and filler are made.

Healthy sleep and your child’s comfort depend on the right choice.