Comfort, simplicity and unpretentiousness

Determining quality in clothes for any man – convenience. No matter what kind of fashion zigzags are we talking about, the thing will not wear an insufficiently comfortable representative of the stronger sex. If in trousers, a shirt, a jacket of a certain cut and the type of teenager, a young man, a mature person feels “not at ease”, he will not wear such a item subject.

Regardless of whether it is fashionable, modern and relevant, such a wardrobe detail. Any hints of “trendy”, prevalence or super -element “unsuccessful” from the point of view of the owner of the model are nothing compared to individual sensations. Design recommendations are useless, the assurances of friends and wife “this suits you” will not take actions, if the thing is unpleasant to wear, constrains and causes an internal protest.

So with male fashion. The man does not like jackets, narrow shoes, ties and shirts with cufflinks – you will not force him to wear such objects. And it is not necessary. The main trends of the male fashion of the current period of time is the complete freedom of choice and the dominance of your own view of things: what, where and how to wear, with what to combine and in what direction to expand the set of elements of the “arranging” set in every sense. The online men’s clothing store worthy of respect is designed precisely for the difference in tastes and the unequal ideas of the buyer about what is bad and what is good. The guy likes dark sweatshirts, unpretentious in the idea of ​​a sweater, stuffed functions with an unchanged hood and free jeans – this is only his choice, style and personal idea of ​​a circle of “useful” things for life.

Anyone who did not wear intricate narrowed narrow cardigans did not like colorful and bright narrowed trousers, colorful scarves and pretentious jackets, did not approve of shiny T -shirts and kutsi jackets, will not pay attention to “not its” samples and elements of clothing. In this case, you can only coordinate its search by prompting a place and a department where the products corresponding to his desires are easy to find. What will be done by an understanding spouse, a wise store consultant and a professional designer, who has a sense of proportion and not without respect for other people’s opinions, albeit excellent from his. You can always find more authentic in the lineup, and the sweaters are more polar, closer to the style of traditional-conservative, and T-shirts without shimmering drawings and inappropriate prints, and jeans of restrained colors, without dozens of pockets, an abundance of rivets and other “bells and whistles”.

As a result, the image of CASL will be loomed – free and for everyone their own. Comfortable, nested and quite simple. This is what a man needs.