Compositions with flowering bulbous and primroses as a gift

There are no women who do not like when they are presented with bouquets. The girls themselves are often compared with different colors and give them appropriate names (lily).

Every woman necessarily experiences feelings for flowers, so men try to find an unusual bouquet for each holiday. Today we’ll talk about bulbous primrots. Baskets with primary flowers on March 8 you can purchase on .

Flower composition “Waltz”

Spring flowers are always capable of conveying joy because of the awakening of nature. Everyone knows how beautiful tulips are.

For such a composition they are usually used:

– small twigs of birches and decorative birds;

– empty quail eggs and special soil;

– drainage and vase of ceramics.

How to create a composition of flowers

To perform such work, you need, first of all:

Take a ceramic vase and pour drainage on its bottom. The layer should be about two centimeters thick.

Next, be sure to add the soil and start planting plants.

In the very center of the composition you need to place crocuses and handle them with tulips.

Then you have, twigs of birch, try to fix the birds very carefully on them.

On the very edge of the flowerpot, place quail eggs.

How to care

You need to know certain rules for the care of onion primroses:

– First of all, to store such colors, you need a cool room and there must be good light;

– when the flowers will grow and bloom you need to water well;

– Feed weekly;

– After the flowers have bloomed, they must be removed;

– Feeding and watering of plants is carried out until the leaves are faded;

– After you need to remove the bulbs from the soil;

– their good drying and storage in dry preferably cool place.

Perhaps you are not at all aware of the preferences and colors of your beloved girl. In this case, still do not refuse to give her flowers of their own performance (arrangement). The most important thing in such work, of course, is to make the composition a rather harmonious.

Do not try that there were many plants of plants. The most important thing here is that a woman can feel your love when creating a composition. And, of course, if you showed a little your imagination and skill, then believe me, you will be a warm welcome from your loved one.

Conclusion. Remember the most important thing that indoor plants are always a good gift than cut flowers. Many of the artists of women always show discontent when they are given huge bouquets of cut and dying flowers.