Coting and functionality

When taking into account the following moments, the selection process will become better and productive that, importantly given that we are talking about the most important person in the life of every family who is the long -awaited baby.

If it is necessary to purchase such goods, which are children’s cribs, it is necessary to be guided by an important rule, making the choice of the model you like, which consists in checking the security of the acquisition, as well as the convenience of using.

The bottom of the crib

The best option for performing the bottom of the crib is the use of the base of the type of rack type or perforated model. Such a solution allows ventilation to the mattress placed in the crib and avoid the accumulation of pathogens and other microorganisms around the baby.

The main parameters for the backs and walls of the crib

The requirements that the qualitatively made elements of the walls and backs of the crib must meet the following:

The rails that are used as the main material should be carefully processed and covered with a safe protective tool;

The distance between them with a competent location should have a minimum value of 3 centimeters, and the maximum equal to 7 centimeters;

The height of the wall with the highest location of the bottom for the mount should not be lower than 50 centimeters, since this requirement is a direct consequence of the safety of the baby in the crib.

Optimal depth

According to experts, a good crib should have a depth of 50 centimeters up to 80 centimeters, since it is possible to ensure security to the baby only if its bending through the side is reduced to zero. In the first months, it is convenient to have a small depth in order to easily remove the child from the crib and perform various caring manipulations as changing or replacing the diaper.

Colden functions for kids

One of the demands in demand is the ability to perform the modification of the crib in connection with which the child who knows how to walk will be able to climb into it independently and go out if necessary. For this purpose, as a rule, 3-4 side rails are extracted. Also, it is very useful and in demand by the available box in which it is convenient to store toys, it is located in the immediate vicinity of the child.

It is considered very convenient to use the crib as a cradle, and to fix it, bringing it to a stable position when the child is awake or sleeping.

A bed connected to a chest of drawers and a changing table will help solve three problems at once in one purchase since everything you need to care for the baby will be at the distance of an outstretched arm from the mother, this is very convenient and practical.