Credit cards, need or fashion?

When cell phones appeared, everyone has this novelty of genuine interest. The situation was also with credit cards. Who had a credit card, that man in the eyes of a common people was just a millionaire.

But after some time, bank credit cards have become simply indispensable for many people Httphtml, so they no longer surprise anyone.

To date, Russian banks produce three types of credit cards: one -time cards on which a limited amount of money, therefore they are called credit cards, overdrafts on which you will put your money, but if necessary, you can take a loan from the bank, and the most common option is salary, on which your salary is going on and which you can give you a loan, but if you do not repay you, you are automatically written off monthly payments.

Credit cards have a lot of advantages, for example, you can constantly withdraw money from the card, but within the framework of the established limit. It is not necessary to repay the debt right away, but you just need to pay a certain amount of money monthly, which, if necessary, at any time you can withdraw. Payment for non -cash payment is also beneficial to the fact that any amount of money on the card can be on the card, so you will not have to carry a pack of money with you.

Therefore, today, many people have had credit cards, thanks to which you can make both large and small purchases. But, it is worth noting that high interest rates are taken for using a credit card, on average from 20 to 45 % per annum.