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Criteria for choosing a tourist backpack

Tourist backpacks are a very important element when conquering peaks or walks. Therefore, it is very important to be able to choose the right and reliable backpack for yourself. In this case, it makes sense to get acquainted with the list of criteria for choosing the perfect option.


The correct choice of the volume of the backpack is the key to the perfect configuration of everything necessary for a campaign or travel. Buying backpacks of a particular trademark or brand, it makes sense to read on to learn about the features of choosing a backpack for people of different ages, gender and for different functional purposes.

Mount and fittings

Needless to say that, without exception, the mount should be strong and reliable. For the convenience of adjusting to your height and features, choose models with adjusting straps. Please note that all professional tourist backpacks must be equipped with a looting belt, evenly distributing the load.

All the fittings used in a one or another model of the backpack should be made only of strong and high -quality materials, this will provide one hundred percent reliability and durability. Before buying, check all the zippers (and other fasteners), as well as valves. They must perform their functions easily and without problems.


Professionals constantly using tourist backpacks, so to speak, “in business,” argue that for convenience, each backpack should be equipped with at least two external pockets. Ideally, if there is an additional compartment at the top. In such pockets, it will be necessary to put everything necessary that is necessary and convenient to get to. Well, if at the bottom of the backpack there is an additional pocket with a zipper. In general, the backpack should be chosen by the principle: the more pockets outside, the better.