Criteria for choosing women’s shoes

More recently, women had to choose between beautiful and comfortable shoes. Any stylish couple did not always sit well on the leg and could cause significant inconvenience.


As you know, it is quite difficult to keep up with fashion. But despite this, millions of women around the world chase fashion in the literal sense of the word. Some of the particularly avid fashionistas are able to leaf through catalogs for hours to find the pair that girlfriends do not have or which will look original most. If you want to always look very stylish and relevant, then you should only pay attention to fashion models. And fashionable and cut and color scheme.

A combination with a wardrobe

Choosing a shoe model, it is worth paying attention to how it will be combined with you with a daily wardrobe. Remember that even the most beautiful boots or half -boots will look ridiculous if you dress them not with the set of clothes. Or vice versa, an elegant toilet can significantly lose if it is not supplemented by current shoes or sandals. Whatever fashion, and common sense and rules for combining clothes and shoes remain unshakable.

How many steam should be

You can endlessly continue disputes about how much couples should be in a seasonal wardrobe. If you have only one boots, you can assume that you do not respect yourself. Specialists and fashion experts claim that you should minimally have 2-3 pairs for each day and 1-2 pairs for the exit. And so much pairs should be for every season. It’s good if you are careful about your shoes and it remains with you for the next season. Then you can easily buy a few more pairs by significantly expanding your seasonal shoe wardrobe.