Cryotherapy – cold treatment

As it turned out, the dosed effect of the cold has healing properties. However, it was already known. Our distant ancestors laid the beginning of cryotherapy, they took ice baths to achieve rejuvenation. Cryotherapy is also successfully fighting with manifestations of aging of the skin and the body itself, since any aging process is directly related to impaired functioning of the body, and the manifestations of aging externally are usually based on a violation of blood circulation on the periphery.

Cryosauna has a positive property that a noticeable improvement in the cosmetic and physical condition occurs after 1, 2 procedures, this will increase faith in a similar treatment method and create the best results for treatment and prevention. In addition, this is not just a procedure for relaxation, with its help it is quite possible to solve even such problems of the aesthetic direction as acne, cellulite, swelling, overweight and much more.

Cryotherapy showed good results when strengthening and treating hair, improving the skin turgor and rejuvenation. The procedure is quite comfortable, thanks to the special properties of cold gas, the feeling of cold is unexpectedly pleasant, for example, in the summer.