Darsonval device and its application

Darsonvalization methods, effect

In cosmetology, dermatology, surgery and other fields of medicine, darsonvalization methods are used. Darsonval apparatus is often used to treat joint diseases, arteries and veins, respiratory system. Its effect has a beneficial effect on patients suffering from skin diseases (ulcers, wounds, acne, etc. P.). The device is able to activate metabolic processes, improve blood circulation, reduce the sensitivity of pain receptors.

The therapeutic effect is achieved, due to the impulsive effect of low -strength currents on certain areas of the skin. The procedure is absolutely painless – the patient will feel only a slight tingling. The device eliminates headaches, normalizes blood pressure and improves muscle tone. The elasticity of the skin increases, which prevents the further formation of wrinkles. The impact can be carried out by contact (“quiet category”) or contactless (“spark category”).

Methods of effect on the body

Darsonvalization can be general or local. Accordingly, the therapeutic effect will be directed to a certain part of the body or to the entire organism as a whole.

Darsonvalization is local – this is a technique based on bringing an electric discharge to the skin of a patient through a vacuum electrode. During the therapy session, the electrode moves along the surface of the skin area. The activity of the central nervous system improves, the physicochemical processes occurring in the tissues are undergoing a change, the functioning of the sweat and sebaceous glands is reduced. For the effect on the body, a portable apparatus is used.

With general darsonvalization, the patient in a sedentary or lying position is placed in the “d’Arsonval cell”, which is an oscillatory circuit capable of creating an electromagnetic field. The procedure has numerous therapeutic effects: helps to normalize sleep, strengthen immunity, eliminates fatigue and increases the performance.

Indications for use

Respiratory system diseases (bronchial asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheitis)

Neuralgic disorders (osteochondrosis of the spine, neuritis, headaches)

ENT of the disease (sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis)

Inflammatory processes, abscesses, boils, burns, trophic ulcers

Skin diseases, psoriasis, eborusca, seborrhea

Hair loss, dandruff

Current factors

The work of the device is based on the total effect of several factors, the most significant of which are high -voltage crown discharge and high -frequency current. Experts also note the oscillation effect (weak mechanical vibrations occurring in the tissues). In addition, in the process of carrying out the procedure, a certain amount of ozone oxone and nitrogen is distinguished. The crown discharge generates ultraviolet radiation of low intensity.

To whom the procedures are contraindicated

Unlike many therapeutic techniques, darsonvalization has practically no contraindications. However, there are some restrictions on the application of the Darsonval apparatus:

Malignant tumors

Active pulmonary tuberculosis

Blood coagulation disorders


Individual intolerance to the current

Heart arrhythmia, use of a pacemaker


Conducting local darsonvalization is allowed at home – just purchase a device and a set of massage nozzles. It is strongly recommended to first consult a doctor about possible contraindications.