Designer – benefits or harm?

Now a variety of designers for children and not only gained high popularity, probably there is no child who would never play with the designer. Parents are increasingly wondering: what they give to the child?

The designers are very diverse: a magnetic designer, a standard plastic constructor, a metal constructor, a good old wooden designer, assembled models of machines, ships and aircraft are also designers! The most popular designer of our time, rightfully, can be called the designer of Lego. Which you can buy, for example, here, at affordable and democratic prices.

Many scientists find designers extremely useful: they develop fine motor skills, spatial thinking, intelligence, creativity and child’s imagination. With the help of small details, it becomes possible to create anything, whether it is a machine, robot, rocket, building or submarine. The magnetic designer is convenient for creating spatial models, a schematic image of molecules and building buildings, it develops an understanding of the foundations of physics and architecture, clearly demonstrating which building will be stable and which collapses due to the wrong design.

Scientists have proved that the development of fine motor skills contributes to the development of speech and writing. Of the other advantages of designers, one can distinguish the fact that the child learns to distinguish between the details by color, size and shape, sort them, the designer helps to distract the child, easily accustom him to discipline and concentration in one lesson, and the skill of reading the drawings that are given in the instructions are also developing. Another important plus is interaction with parents, because you can collect the designer together, which the child will surely appeal.

There are very few harm from the designer, but from the minuses, you can distinguish the slightly injured parents of the parents because of the details scattered on the floor and the inability to tear the child from such an exciting occupation.

The pros and cons are presented, but only you decide what is more priority for you: the development and pleasure of the child or a little injured legs and a fascinating search for unfortunate small details on the variegated carpet.