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Dietary supplements: harm or benefits?

In recent years, a stereotype has been rooted among our compatriots, according to which any dietary supplements and food additives can cause serious damage to our body. The nature of this stereotype is well known – many years ago these additives were in great demand, and therefore a lot of low -grade fakes penetrated the domestic market. At the same time, few people wondered where to buy, we only thought about how to do this cheaper, after which we paid for their stinginess with various diseases and a deterioration in well -being.

In fact, dietary supplements are definitely not evil, but only when it comes to high -quality nutritional supplements that must be used correctly. Agree, we will not drink pills that a stranger will give us, saying that they will help, for example, from a headache, we will also not drink in terms of the quality of pills in terms of ash. Why are we different with dietary supplements, and then we talk about their harm to the body?!

Remember the purpose of dietary supplements. If, for example, a diet helps you to lose weight in the hips and you want to minimize stress from it for the body, taking food supplements, make sure that these same additives can do this. At least the manufacturer should assure you to you. It is not rare to see how high -quality nutritional supplements are bought, for example, to help the liver in the withdrawal of toxins from organisms, but the consumer expects them to assist in the process of getting rid of excess adipose tissue. Naturally, a miracle does not happen, but a person with complete confidence declares that dietary supplements are useless.

Do not forget that various nutritional supplements are compounds of biologically active substances that are designed to replenish the lack of certain trace elements and vitamins in the body. Replenish, but do not oversaturate! You can, for example, buy vitamins good with calcium, but if an overabundance of the latter is observed in your body, such complexes will only be detrimental to the detriment. In this regard, before buying dietary supplements and other food additives, try to consult with doctors, and also carefully study the instructions for their use. Only in this case, dietary supplements will benefit your body!