Features of orthopedic shoes

To date, orthopedic shoes are divided into two types – therapeutic and preventive (anatomical). Orthopedic experts advise to acquire preventive orthopedic shoes in childhood, when the child begins to take the first steps.

It is necessary to purchase such shoes in specialized stores and online stores, such as orthocomfort, more information about which can be found at the official fort. . .

Preventive orthopedic shoes differs from the therapeutic anatomical, relatively low longitudinal supervisor (corrector) and a fairly high and hard back, as well as a special heel (the so -called Thomas heel). This design allows you to maintain the set of the foot, and the backdrop helps to fix the leg in anatomically correct position. While the heel does not allow the foot to fall into one or the other way.

Preventive shoes are used if there are no additional requirements and orthopedic diseases. To give recommendations regarding the choice of medical shoes, an orthopedic doctor can, having familiarized himself with the existing problems of improper setting of the feet.

An example is a varior production, which is popularly called clubfoot. Please note that this disease can be either innate and acquired, which means that everyone can be at risk, regardless of age. It should be understood that such problems with the feet do not pass on their own. And ignoring the disease can lead to both problems with gait and violation of posture. Even the smallest problems with the wrong position of the foot can cause joint pain and pain when walking.