Features of the choice of cosmetics

By focusing on natural cosmetics, most women forget about the need for daily use of facial skin care products. A set of quality supplies for washing and cleansing, tonic and moisturizing, nutrition and restoration of the skin should be present in the arsenal of every beauty.

The hit of this decade is rightfully considered organic cosmetics Natura Siberica. Among the undeniable advantages of cosmetics of this line, you can also highlight the convenience of buying. Today in the Natura-Siberica-Cosmetic online store you can quickly and with delivery purchase any cosmetic product at the most affordable and acceptable prices. Professional consultants will help you choose exactly what you need and your skin. What is the rich brand Natura Siberica?

Lines for all ages

Such a well -known trademark as Natura Siberica has a line of caring for various age categories. Before learning how to apply make-up, the young lady should have in weapons jars of washing foam, scrubs, lotions and creams. For young and mature skin, manufacturers offer funds with different ingredients, as the needs of the body change with age.

Price and quality

Cosmetologists strongly recommend using the organic and caring line of time -tested manufacturers Natura Siberica. Do not save on elementary items to preserve and maintain beauty. High -quality products cannot be realized at a price below the cost, so you should beware of cheap offers of dubious suppliers of cosmetics.

Masks at home

Depending on the type of skin, various masks from natural products can be used. In the absence of allergic reactions, experts advise once a week to apply a mass of cottage cheese and honey 1: 1 on their face. For oily skin, add a few drops of lemon juice, and for dry-3-4 drops of olive oil. After 15 minutes, you can rinse with a warm decoction of herbs and apply the cream.

When choosing cosmetic products, it is necessary to pay attention to the terms of release, storage and use. You should also ask a certificate of product quality. Specialized salons offer the widest and most high -quality spectrum of natural and caring cosmetics.