Features of the summer festive wardrobe

Summer is exactly the time of the year when there is an occasion to show yourself in all its glory. Especially if you have a festive summer wardrobe correctly selected. And in order to form it, it is necessary to listen to the advice of fashion experts.


No women’s wardrobe can do without a fashionable and stylish dress. Today, evening dresses Kyiv and in other cities are represented by a variety of flowers and cuts. What will happen this season?

• light chiffon models

• asymmetric (short in front of long from behind)

• Classic neckline cuts

• shortened models


It is the sundresses that are purely summer clothes. It is noteworthy that many women use them exclusively as everyday or beach clothing. Hota fashion modern designer offer a large range of models of summer sundresses that are ideal for solemn occasions.

Pyreal costumes

To give yourself an elegant, strict, but mysterious look, be sure to purchase several trouser suits. It can be like classic cuts from summer materials, so very bold pants-skirt with a very large extension downward.

Specific advice from experts:

• Some evening dresses are designed exclusively for evening celebrations. Do not try to look luxurious in them during the day. Be sure to take into account the features of the style, selecting it for a particular case.

• Color plays a huge role when choosing an outfit for a specific celebration. If you plan to shine and be in the spotlight, pay attention to juicy red, blue and black colors and give up beige, pale lilac and green.

• Be careful with white color. Remember that this color is good only for certain celebrations and is categorically not recommended for others.