Features of water supply insulation

When installing the water supply, each specialist tries to lay pipes as deep as possible, in order to avoid freezing in winter. In the depths of the earth, the temperature is constantly ranging and in many cases can reach +45 degrees.

However, the preservation of the pipes in integrity and safety in this case can be unsafe, since the depth of cold can reach two meters. Let’s try to consider the main methods of rapid insulation of the water supply during winter cold. The methods below can be applied to any types and types of pipes, whether it is a profile pipe price for which is available more than the rest or any other pipe.

1.Pipes insulation when reaching maximum pressure. Surely everyone knows that the water under pressure heats up much faster than stock. If you install a special receiver in the water supply, then the water will not freeze in the pipe. To bring the system to complete heating, you need to adjust the pressure. If the client wants the pipeline to be under pressure, you need to install a special valve and drive the pump. Any pipeline should be combined with a purchased pump and match the characteristics.

2.Pipe insulation using a cable. The idea of ​​this method seems simple. In this case, the pipes are buried a few centimeters deep and equipped with a cable. It should be borne in mind that the cable can warm pipes not only from the outside, but inside. Each specialist will decide how many cables will be needed to warm pipes in winter. Usually the figure reaches 3 cables.

3.Air insulation. In winter, the earth is insulated from below, since it is very cold at the top. When installing the water supply, you can insulate, starting from all sides. Thermal insulation is carried out. Another important point is the laying of the pipe in the pipe itself. Pipes for the water supply, which are made of polypropen can be cheap, and insulation opens up new prospects.

The advantage of all types of insulation is the following features:

1.Any water pipe is replaced without excavations.

2.The pipe can heat up from almost all sides.

3.Can be insulated from the ground. It is also a reliable way to save the pipeline in safety. Use any method in your practice and get a quality result.