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Making a design project of the future interior of an apartment in a designer is, of course, good.

You will be offered various design options, starting from the color of the walls in the hallway to the bedroom furniture. However, still few people will like the interior, which is made only in accordance with the vision of the designer, even though he will be at least three times eminent.

It’s all about psychology, because each person sees his own home in his own way, and these wishes must certainly be taken into account, especially if this is a family. In psychology, as you know, there is its own classification of temperaments:

Choleric is a passive extrovert that reacts violently to everything, but rarely tries to change something on its own. Revolutionary.

Sanguine is an active extrovert that is almost always in the positive mood. Leader.

Melancholic is a passive introvert of the type of cholera, acutely reacting to psychological stimuli. Going on the occasion.

Phlegmatic is an active introvert that always creates comfortable conditions for himself. Conservative.

Of course, in its pure form, all these characters are practically not found, but still one of them certainly prevails. And each of us one way or another seeks to remake the interior for ourselves. Only in this case we feel comfortable.

For example, choleraiks and sanguine cannot stand the “closers”. They need large spaces with very conditional zoning. But phlegmaticians and melancholys are comfortable in small rooms with a clear separation of borders and good sound insulation. This makes it possible for unhindered solitude.

As for styles, it can be said that extroverts prefer everything modern, mixed and unusual, and introverts are all classic, romantic, lush and expensive. And here’s what is interesting: clear forms like phlegmaticians and choleraiks, and smooth – melancholys and sanguine.

Conduct an experiment with the color scheme and texture. For them you can very accurately determine what type the owner of the house (well, or the room) belongs to:

Yellow, orange, sand, terracotta; Transparency and volume – sanguine.

White, red, black; Technology is cholera.

Blue, brown, green; traditions and naturalness – phlegmatic.

All shades of pastel; nice to touch – melancholic.

With lighting, too, everything is quite simple. Extroverts prefer the maximum of the upper world in order to be lit as a large area as possible. And introverts like it when only the territory in which they are currently located are highlighted.

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