How a manicure is made in the cabin?

The neck and hands are that which primarily gives out the age of the woman. And if the neck can be hidden behind a collar-stand or a beautiful neck, then you will not hide your hands. You won’t be constantly walking in gloves. Therefore, hand care is important at a fairly young age. There should be a beautiful manicure on the well -groomed hands. You can do it at home, but high-quality and made by all rules manicure in the cabin, still more reliable.

You can make a trade union manicure in the cabin regularly, or on the eve of the planned solemn event. If the interior is not far from home, there is a good master and your financial condition allows you to spend money on your beloved, then it is better, of course, to visit the salon regularly. Types of manicure offered in the salons, different: classic wet manicure, dry, French and others.

The most common is wet manicure. It is called so because before cutting the cuticles, the hands are necessarily steamed in baths with sea salt or other substances strengthening nails. The procedure is as follows:

– First, the old varnish coating is removed;

– Then the hands are steaming, ensuring soft removal of the cuticle;

– Next, the base of the nail is processed so that there are no burrs left either at the base or in the places of cutting cutter;

– grinding the nail, after which nutrients are rubbed into the nail plate. Brittle nails can be sealed. In this case, a wax -based substance is applied to the nails, allowing to preserve the nutrients inside the nail plate for some time;

– At the impending stage, the master applies a decorative coating with varnish. You can, if desired, make nail art, decorating your nails with a pattern, rhinestones or other decorative elements.

For the safety of the procedure, you can take your tools to the salon or ask the master with you to disinfect them.