How and for what scrubs are used?

Which of the women does not dream of smooth and always fresh skin? Any woman dreams of this, despite age and profession. Even those women who do not particularly pay attention to their appearance and are unpretentious in choosing clothes, still trying to follow their skin. After all, the wardrobe can be completely replaced at any moment, but the skin is given to us by nature only once. Clean the skin of dead cells, make it softer and tender, and also get rid of cellulite.

You can cook scrubs at home, or you can buy them in a pharmacy. Moreover, the first method is better not because it is cheaper, but in order to avoid an allergic reaction to various components that make up the finished scrubs. It is best to cook them from food, for example, based on sour cream, cream, honey or cosmetic clay. The simplest and most effective scrub of coffee grounds, and it is suitable for any skin type. Typically, coffee thick is mixed with sour cream or fat cottage cheese, you can with a gruel of bananas. It not only cleanses, but also nourishes the skin.

For dry or sensitive skin, scrubs of oatmeal are suitable. Such a scrub will not damage the skin, on the contrary, oatmeal gently remove dead skin particles, soothe irritation – the skin becomes soft and pleasant to the touch.

Sugar can be introduced into the composition of the scrub, better brown and sea salt. If you mix salt and sugar with a body of body, with cream or honey, then polishing the skin well with such a composition, after a certain number of procedures, the skin will be more elastic and healthy.

Home scrubs have an obvious advantage: you can use what is most suitable for the type of your skin. However, if after the procedure you feel burning, or redness on the skin will remain longer than this is permissible, it is better to abandon such a scrub.