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The work of psychoanalysts

Every second American visits a psychoanalyst. Every self -respecting psychoanalyst dreams of writing a book that will glorify it to the whole world. Zoui Shtrimpel succeeded – after all, it is its conclusions about the features of male consciousness that are called to give an answer to the eternal ladies’ question, in the exaggerated version that sounds like this: “And whoever understands them, these men?”… The US psychoanalyst is convinced that having accepted four as a fact (just!) male secrets, you can find a common language with your noble. So…

The secrets of men

First. Women should not be naively believe that their tricks, borrowed in ladies’ magazines and the works of psychologists intended exclusively for young ladies, are not interesting to representatives of the strong half. Many of the latter are also informed not only about what your purple blouse hints at the neckline of 12 people, but also why this very blouse has such a (read, symbolic) form. Moreover, they use the fact that women consider men creatures who are not able to comprehend the wisdom of a similar reading whose task is to attract the attention of the opposite sex as quickly as possible. As a result, a psychoanalyst insists, men who commit desperate deeds and make incredible gifts for a woman in the first days of acquaintance are perceived by women as heroes worthy of love, while they are just, in fact, manipulators. They also managed to read how to put a woman on their bed a few hours after the beginning.

Second. Men are also reverent to the little things. Do not consider your lover as insensitive when he is perplexed, why are you so worried about the negative assessment of your Lazanya’s husband or his “rudeness”, expressed in the oxide “Hey!»Addressed to you. He is also quite prone to insults and centers. Men are not always able to evaluate the jokes “below the waist” addressed to them or a hint that they are not able to provide a family. But the catch is that they are not ready as openly as women, to talk about it, believing that having started a conversation about the cause of their irritation or resentment, they will look weak. But if a woman herself ask what is so upset by the chosen one, and “enter his position”, then he can suddenly quickly come to the state for which you once love him. As an option – the opposite approach: do not torment it with your questions, just give him time to cool down in a “natural” way.

Third. Representatives of the strong half often welcome polygamy, but in fact this is often only a position for society (friends, colleagues). Reality is as follows. Many of them, speaking of free relations, mean exclusively themselves, and not both partners. Many, but not all. Since there are many men who are not capable of betrayal due to a negative attitude towards it. Do not believe in such a miracle? The psychoanalyst claims to be in vain!

Fourth. Not all men believe that “sex is not a reason for dating”. Many relate to this pleasant pastime as something binding. And if the first man wants from you is sex, then most likely this will remain his only desire for you. If the lady really interested him as a potential second half, then he will experience awe and respect for her, but not lust for. You can, of course, argue that the first and second does not necessarily exclude the third, but the psycho -onalist insists: if a man on the first evening begins to hint at his desires in the sense of physiology, then his intentions are frivolous, even if he promises you a great general future or even though you promise you would be pleasant in all respects a further novel.