How can you check pregnancy

Pressure control

During pregnancy, it is very important for young mothers to constantly monitor their pressure. To check the pressure, you can use automatic tonometers. When buying a tonometer in a pharmacy, it is necessary to check that it is correctly adjusted.

Young mother needs to control her pressure every day, all nine months. After all, pressure greatly affects the condition of the mother and her unborn child.

In the first months during pregnancy, hormonal reconfiguration of the body helps to reduce blood pressure. Its characteristic features: weakness, dizziness, drowsiness. Usually such unpleasant sensations arise in the morning.

Increased pressure is observed in mothers in the second half of pregnancy. This can be easily explained. In the body with the growth of the baby, blood circulation increases. Because of this, there is an increased heart load. Because of this, the pulse rises, as a result and pressure.

Why do you need pressure control

The mothers, who had miscarriages in the past, have to follow their pressure, is very careful if there is hypertension, kidney diseases and other diseases that can complicate the pregnancy.

If there is a similar one, then in addition to pressure control every day, you can also use blood pressure monitoring. This measurements of pressure every hour by a special device. Using such a check, you can determine the pressure drops during the day and night.

Sometimes in mothers the pressure drops below the usual. It may happen at night. This is very bad. When mom sleeps, and at this time her pressure drops, the baby feels a lack of oxygen. That’s exactly to track such changes, and prevent such falls and monitoring is used.

If the pressure is higher, it is necessary to check how much time the mother is in this state during the day. If, when counting, the total time does not exceed 5-6 hours per day-everything is fine. It all depends on the physiological characteristics of the body: on activity, unrest, reaction to magnetic storm or stress. There is no need for drugs.

With reduced or increased pressure, it is possible, as prophylaxis, to use acupressure. It does not take much time and is harmful to it.

You also need to monitor the diet very well. And to lower or increase pressure, eat more of certain products.