How not to make a mistake when choosing clothes?

To look beautiful, it is not enough to have many things. The more not a mystery that the more abundant the set of clothes in a woman, the more difficult it is for her to categorically choose what to wear. But we will not talk about this dilemma, but about the most common “dressing” mistakes.

The fact that things certainly need to be neat, I think, do not need to reason, but sometimes we remind. There is another very common flaw – do not wear under light (translucent) trousers or tight -fitting skirts dark underwear. It looks not only anti -nistile, but also vulgar. In general, it is worth paying special attention to the wardrobe of underwear. To do this, you should pay attention only to shops specializing in the sale of these products.

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But in general, it is important to have dark linen in the wardrobe, as well as other clothes of dark tones. But do not bring this hobby to fanaticism and overshadow the wardrobe. Too dark tones are old and do not contribute to a raised mood. But it is better to refuse excess throwing. The choice of three main tones will be correct. To them and select accessories.

Also exclude many outfits of leopard and other animal colors, which has long been not a fashion. By the way, choosing underwear for clothes, make sure that the thongs do not “signal” from under the shorts – it looks extremely unattractive. But what is exactly better to show others is a stylish and exquisite shoes.

The more carefully you approach the choice of clothes and shoes and to fill the wardrobe as a whole, the more thoughtful and completed all your images.