How the interior depends on lighting

The interior is harmony from many parts, which includes not only the main household items, such as furniture, decor, technology, but also the color scheme, the secondary material does its job. The design can only be called successful when all aspects are converged into one, they will begin to complement each other and emphasize.

One of the most important parts of the interior is lighting, but many people and even some designers do not give much attention to the light, which can truly transform the room. In the standard style, in each room there is only one chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, and then there are some more apartment owners prefer to buy expensive table lamps in Moscow, unless, of course, there are tables. This approach is imperfect, because the disadvantage or excess lighting is simply spoiled by all efforts and design.

In this article we will take the living room for an example. First you should show what important elements can complement or completely make lighting in the living room. The first, this, of course, is a visual increase in the room, which is often worthless in small -sized housing. Choosing the angle of inclination of the luminous lanes, maybe it will choose which direction to visually can increase the room. It can be height, length, width, that is, you can completely change the geometry of the room using lighting.

In the modern world, hidden lighting is also added to this approach. More precisely, in order to lengthen, for example, a room, you need to install small bulbs and hide them under drywall, racks or cabinets. The second positive advantage of lighting is that it can allow focusing on some separate zone. Using the arrangement of light rays, you can divide into small parts of the room, and thereby, for example, create two halves from the living room. In one it can celebrate the holiday, and in the other quietly rest, sit, read.

Many designers recommend focusing on beautiful decorating objects, on flowers or beautiful furniture, such as a table. For furniture, such as a sofa or chair, it is best not to direct the lighting, because such areas are most of all related to the recreation area. If you take lighting in technical terms, it is best to pay attention to modern technologies, namely a system that allows you to control brightness and saturation using the panel.