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All women want to like men. Especially recently it has become popular with the media to dictate the criteria for beauty and fashion. And let it, this absolutely does not prevent any girl from like someone. After all, for every lovely princess there is a prince. And the appearance here plays a role, but it does not have to be model – many men like bbw or just well -fed women. Therefore, if you are wondering how to attract a man, just Lie your image.

Excessive fascination with makeup

Sometimes the beautiful floor spends a lot of time on what may interest strong gentlemen for some time. This is makeup, beautiful feminine clothes, proprietary shoes. But the man understands that he will not marry his clothes, he will not build a family with clothes, therefore, despite the fact that he looks at such things, psycho-emotional compatibility with a partner is primary for him.

If a woman knows how to be a woman, then she sends a man microsinals to a man. Your gestures, body movements and facial expressions send information to the gentleman at a subconscious level about how you treat him. No man will come to a woman whom he is uninteresting or does not want to communicate with him. If you say with your gestures that you do not need a man, then he will quickly leave for the one that will interest. This is how not very attractive girls can attract the attention of the opposite sex. And beauties can always stay in girls.

Self confidence

Each person likes confident people. Men in this case are no exception, so beauty is beauty, but if a woman is not sure of her attractiveness and sexuality, despite some standards there, then she will not attract a strong floor in any way. Take care of auto -training – break the beauty templates in your subconscious. You are an attractive woman, no matter how you look. In the same direction, one should work on your own beliefs regarding men. If for some reason you do not like them, then work out this program, change it to the one where men love you. A woman should change her attitude towards herself and others, so that they themselves reach for her.