How to avoid embarrassment with a loss of a removable denture

Holders of removable artificial teeth or linings are constantly afraid to get into trouble: suddenly a prosthesis will fall out of everyone’s eyes.

However, modern dentistry is based only on proven methods and offers high -quality means for fixing. Therefore, all experiences of patients are based on their ignorance.

Fastening substances for fixing prosthesis

The most ordinary fixation tools are special gels, creams and glue. They allow the patient to put and remove a removable prosthesis without harm on their own. They are also used in the case of the use of veneers, lumines (records to eliminate aesthetic defects) and temporary prostheses, which should soon be replaced by constant.

The patented fixing agents are of high quality and provide the most strong and long -term connection. Due to this, the prosthesis does not slide in the mouth, which protects the cavity from allergies and inflammation.

The glue does not dissolve under the influence of water, therefore, with one -time application, the prosthesis will hold all day, without limiting the patient in communication and consumption of solid food. This option of fixing artificial teeth is perfect even to people with a narrowed lower jaw and increased salivation.

Fixing gaskets have the same properties as glue. This method of fixing the prosthesis is comfortable, reliable, and also has an antiseptic effect.

Useful information on this topic can be found on the Konsultatsiya-Stomatologa page .

Nylon locks and products

At a dentist consultation, you can learn about the existence of other fixation methods – nylon prostheses on a flexible basis and fastening using locks.

The high cost of a nylon product is explained by the fact that such a coating made of natural materials provides excellent fixation, and the patient can forget about the pole and any creams.

Fastening with locks is used to fix bridge prostheses. Clammers, which are miniature hooks, are unaesthetic, because when installing them it is impossible to hide. Another thing is attachments: the design consists of a matrix and a patrician that are inserted into each other. Due to such an original solution when smiling, locks are invisible.

To install the attachment, you need a connecting component on a metal -plastic, cermet or cast crown. And although modern connecting components can consolidate the elements of the locks even on tooth enamel, the use of a fixing cream remains not superfluous.