How to braid a braid of 4 strands

Spit is one of the types of women’s hairstyle. Spit weaving helped women look beautiful and well -groomed. Modern types of pigtails are very diverse, they allow you to choose almost any option for a different style of clothing, while neatly collected hair in a braid, not only allow you to feel comfortable, but also open the neck and back line.

Braids can be used not only as a braid in the form of a separate hairstyle, but also as an additional element to the hairstyle. Each of us is used to making a standard braid of three strands, but in our article we will consider how to braid one of the types of braids consisting of four strands of hair. To do this, you need to comb the hair thoroughly back. After that, it will be correct to divide them into four equal strands on the back of the head, the same in thickness. Each strand must be held with a hand in order to avoid its breakdown.

Next, we begin to alternate them among themselves in the following order. In order to facilitate the understanding of the alternating four strands, for each of them, you can conditionally assign numbers, so as not to get confused when weaved or assign certain colors (as it is convenient).

Then we begin to weave, 1 (green)- put on 2 (red), and 3 (pink) on 1 (green) and 4 (yellow) under 1 (green). Then we continue to weave further, where we put 2 (red) strand on 3 (pink), and 4 (yellow) on 2 (red) and 1 (green) under 2 (red), 3 (pink) for 4 (yellow), 1 (green) on 3 (pink), 2 (red) under 3 (pink). In order not to get confused, you need to do work slowly, while you can help yourself with clamps, or put a cardboard under our braid so that it does not get confused with the rest of the hair. You can also moisturize our strands a little, in some cases it facilitates the task when weaving. This can be done using mousse, foam, wax or gel – this will also allow the spit in the right form for a long time.

If the first time does not work, no need to despair, try again with special attentiveness. I wish everyone good luck!